Parent Coach Miami

My name is Pepa Wenrich.
​I am the founder of Parent Coach Miami.
Since 2012, I have been helping parents who
struggle with discipline issues through my private
coaching sessions and group classes.​

​I am a wife, a mother, a Montessori educator and a Parent Coach. I was personally trained by John Rosemond and I joined him on his mission: 
“To help parents claim loving leadership at home”.  

I was born and raised in Guadalcanal (Seville), a beautiful white town in the south of Spain. I earned degrees in Law and Business Administration from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Madrid. I married my American husband and then moved to Mexico where our two children were born. We moved to Miami in 2003 where I started a new career in early childhood education, a subject which I love. I am certified by the American Montessori Society.

Why did I become a parent coach?

As a young mom as was thirsty for parenting advice and read avidly on the subject of raising children. I always enjoyed children and was aware of the importance of properly educating future generations. My goal as a mother was raising compassionate and respectful kids. I registered my kids in a Montessori School when they were very young and I discovered the Montessori Philosophy.  I became a Montessori educator. My training transformed the way I see and relate to children. As a mother, I learned to respect the teachers that play such an important role in the life of my kids. As a teacher, I came to understand even more the irreplaceable role that parents have in the lives of their children. No matter how soon children attend school, or how may hours they spend there, parents are still their first and most important educators.

I began to seriously consider the idea of becoming a Parent Coach after realizing that most parents, at some time or an other, feel insecure about our parenting skills and after recognizing that most parents (unlike teachers) don´t receive any kind of specific training, advice or help until problems escalate. Some of the most profound books I have read about children are by John Rosemond. I began to understand at a new level my frustrations and successes as a mother and as a teacher. 

​My job is help and support parents with typical “little issues” before they become bigger problems. Parents will learn how to handle daily family conflicts in a more effective way. I share with parents John Rosemond’s common-sense approach to child rearing and the Montessori insights and tools that helped me be a more understanding and flexible mother. Last but no least a share my experiences as a mother of a cross-cultural family all of which makes for a fascinating and challenging life!

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