Parent Coach Miami

"​Pepa is not only a parent coach, she is a grandparent coach! She helped me see more clearly and deal with some issues that I was having with my grandchildren. They are my greatest joy and also at times, my greatest challenge. Through her education, experience, common sense approach and mainly her love for children, she has the unique ability to get to the heart of the matter and communicate a plan to greatly improve relationships. Pepa is a wonderful resource for all those involved in the care of children"


"Pepa, you were excellent council and once I was able to mentally walk away and make my daughter accountable, everything changed!!! Her grades and attitude have improved considerably, so our relationship is so much better! Thank you, thank you!"


"Pepa is an outstanding parent coach. She is able to recognize family challenges in a very short period of time and make recommendations that really work. Pepa empowered me to make commonsense decisions that resulted in more peace for our family"


"By pure luck we came across Pepa at a parent seminar in a Preschool. We were the parents of two small children then. Our 2 and a half year old was an exceptionally spirited child. Pepa helped us through our confusion during those toddler stages and empowered us to become the determined parents we are today. Today, the parents of three children, we are happy to say that we actually don't see Pepa so often anymore, not for desperate help anyway. She equipped us with great parenting tools that have served us through every stage we are going through with each of our children. She has been a great sounding board in desolate times. She has given us hope that things can be changed and she has helped us raise the 3 wonderful children we have, the way we had aspired to. If you want timeless, reasonable, sound parenting advice, go see Pepa, you will not be disappointed and you may even make a lifetime friend in the process. Happy Parenting!"


"Pepa, muchas gracias! La verdad que una vez que empiezas hasta me he enganchado a nuestras charlas!!! Me dan energia para seguir y me alivia el compartir aventuras de nuestros peques. Sobre todo que me alegro de haber tomado las riendas a tiempo y me siento mucho mejor porque la verdad es que funciona!


"I am so glad I visited Pepa with my husband. She opened up my mind and helped me get where I wanted to go with my kids. Everyone in my family is so much happier now. I am very confident about following Pepa's advice and recommendations, I feel she gets it. Thank you."


"Pepa, que gusto todos los consejos que nos das y todo lo que nos has enseñado. Gracias."

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