Parent Coach Miami

Hello! My name is Pepa Wenrich and I am a parent coach

​Do you want more harmony in your family?
Are you concerned about your child’s behavior?
I can help!

"Pepa, you were excellent council and once I was able to mentally walk away and make my daughter accountable, everything changed!!! Her grades and attitude have improved considerably, so our relationship is so much better! Thank you, thank you!"


I advise parents on how to handle typical behaviors of young children...


Do you stress when you child cries ?


Don't know what else to do?

Sibling rivalry

Would you like for them to get along better?

...and those that are not so young

Would you like to have a better relationship?

​I work with couples and with single parents

Confused, stressed, or in disagreement about how to raise your children?

Admiting that you need to make some changes is the first step.
I will help you decide what changes need to be made.
And I will help you make them.
Your children deserve it!
My advice is clear, simple, and easy to implement, and will have a positive impact on the lives of the entire family.
My service is personalized for each family.
Coaching sessions can be in person or remote.
I work with parents, I do not work directly with children.
I will not work with parents of a child when either the parents or the child are currently working with a mental health profesional.

​I work with couples and with single parents

My classes provide an opportunity to reflect upon, discuss, and learn about the topics that parents care about.
You can book me for your school, community, parish, or home.
You can invite family, friends, or any adult that helps you or works with your children.
We can all learn how to do the most important job in the world a little better – you and your children will benefit!

If you are interested in private coaching or in my group classes, please send me an email and I will contact you. ​

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