Adapting to the new school

I’m sure you’ve searched very carefully for a school for your children. Still, you may doubt whether or not you have a made a good choice and worry whether or not they will adapt soon enough. After the novelty of the first few days, it is possible that they will not be as happy as you had hoped and expected. As parents, we often place too much emphasis on telling our children how fun their school is going to be and how fun they are going to have with all of their new friends. Well, the fun is probably not going to be that great! Many children need a little bit of time to feel comfortable. To avoid disappointment, it is better not to talk too much about the subject when you pick them up and allow them to disconnect from school in the afternoons. They should enjoy their family time when they are at home!

The important thing is to convey security to them, and joyfully drop them off in the morning, without placing too much importance on the subject. Children are very sensitive, and they can easily catch on from their parents concerns. We have to hand them over to their teachers with joy and firmness, and trust that they know how to help them. In my experience, as soon as their parents turn around, children quickly change their “chip” and settle. The reality is that most children are able to well able to adapt to their new schools, although sometimes it may not be as quickly as parents would like.

Good luck! Pepa

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