They deserve we learn for them

When a child is born, a parent is also being born. We learn about the job as we are going through the steps of it, and without having the time to really stop and think about it. Becoming parents changes our lives: we begin creating new routines and adapting to living with our little ones. Little by little, our family dynamic starts to take form. The kids develop so quickly that when we have finally adapted to a routine, we must change it. Especially during the first decade, we are the center of their lives and they learn everything from us. Our kids are constantly observing us, even when we do not realize it. The way we act in front of them is key to everything going well.

Have you sat down and thought about the influence that you and your partner have on your children? During the first few years, there are precedents in the relationship between parent and child that will mark the course for many years. Some dynamics between parents and children work well and others do not. All of the sudden we are faced with situations that we find difficult, or we discover that with one of your kids everything is just a little bit harder. In these situations, is when parent coaching can help you. Any issue that arises with your children always has something that a parent can do differently: maybe it is necessary to have a little bit more of consistency when applying the rules, or there has to be a more efficient communication method with your kids, or maybe adjust the expectations. A few coaching sessions might be all you need to reflect about what is not working, understand what you would want to accomplish, and make a plan and set it in place.

No parent is perfect… but for them, I’m sure that you are ready to learn! – Pepa W.

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