Boundaries: more important than ever

Hi, I’m Pepa! It’s been six months since COVID 19 reached our cities, and if you’re like me, you’re probably still under some type of lock down.

Home life has never been as active as it is nowadays, and although some children are going back to school, many are still home all day. The pandemic has universally uncovered the unconditional love and protection that parents are able to offer their kids. However, this sudden and drastic change in our lives has required an immense effort. The constant coexistence between parents and their kids can feel very intense, and it has put parents up for a challenge. Many of the behaviors that despair us, including those exhibited by our kids and in family conflicts, are not a problem, but a symptom of the adults in charge failing to establish clear rules. It’s possible that when we spent less time together as a family, these behaviors would go unnoticed, but now that time spent together has grown exponentially, they’re difficult to ignore.

Regardless of all the love and dedication that one gives their child while raising them, if there are no healthy limits and boundaries in the household, these will not be useful. Setting proper boundaries allows us to promote our kids’ freedom inside a healthy and well-prepared environment. This is a very easy task when children are still young, but if they grow up without these boundaries, it becomes increasingly more difficult. The only way we can remedy this problem is by taking action, and getting started on fixing it. Setting limits include knowing when to say “YES”, and how to say “NO”, delicately and respectfully. It’s knowing how to make them responsible over their own things, words, and actions. Boundaries can be seen in routines, and in clear and consistent rules. Setting boundaries gives us clarity and security over our kids’ lives, and today, more than ever, we have to be able to do it.

If you want to learn how to set boundaries, I can help you. – Pepa

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