The importance of educating positively

Do you feel fulfilled when your children learn new things or when they behave well? In those moments it is easy to show them affection and say things that give them confidence in themselves. Seeing our children begin to do what we expect of them is certainly a very rewarding part of being a parent. […]

Adapting to the new school

I’m sure you’ve searched very carefully for a school for your children. Still, you may doubt whether or not you have a made a good choice and worry whether or not they will adapt soon enough. After the novelty of the first few days, it is possible that they will not be as happy as […]

The unstoppable snowplow parent

College counselor William Singer is at the center of what the Justice Department calls the largest college admission prosecution ever. 50 people have been charged. Mr. Singer saw how far some parents are willing to go to “help” their children get into prestigious colleges and he decided to take advantage – big time! I have […]

They deserve we learn for them

When a child is born, a parent is also being born. We learn about the job as we are going through the steps of it, and without having the time to really stop and think about it. Becoming parents changes our lives: we begin creating new routines and adapting to living with our little ones. […]