Expressing appreciation to our children

Often, we express our appreciation to our kids with euphoric praises: You are the best! You are awesome!  Our intention behind the praise is usually to show the child how pleased we are for something that they are doing and that is in some way helpful or kind to us. Generally, even when our children […]

“Be silent or say something better than silence¨

This proverb is a good one for us to remember when we start feeling frustrated because of our child’s behavior. If we don’t have something constructive to say and we are about to lose our cool, it is better to take a deep breath and just remain quiet. By getting angry, sending guilt messages, nagging, […]

Teaching them to express gratitude

Thanksgiving dinner presents a perfect opportunity to teach children a simple lesson about gratitude, a lesson that can start with parents expressing appreciation to each other, even for the smallest things. It is easy to take each other for granted in our busy lives and talk about our frustrations and concerns in front of our […]

Is my child ready for preschool?

If you are looking for a preschool for your little one you are probably asking yourself, “will it be good enough for him?” The question I would ask you is: is your child sufficiently prepared? In my experience, the majority of the problems the little ones face at school are related to conduct. If you […]

Teaching them to get along

Getting along is a challenge, even for adults. It is not very realistic to assume that your children should get along from a young age, share and play for extended periods of time without disturbing you. Nor should you expect them to know how to manage their anger and frustrations. But today you can start […]

Do you know how to respond to their fears?

All children at some point or another have fears or worries that are appropriate at the given age. I assume that it’s happened with your young daughter, for example, she comes crying to you because she’s scared of being alone in her room. You know what some of the common responses we frequently give as […]

Boundaries: more important than ever

Hi, I’m Pepa! It’s been six months since COVID 19 reached our cities, and if you’re like me, you’re probably still under some type of lock down. Home life has never been as active as it is nowadays, and although some children are going back to school, many are still home all day. The pandemic […]

Foods for intelligence

In his book, “Tips to promote intelligence”, Enrique Rojas talks about the “different kinds of intelligence: theoretical, practical, social, emotional, creative, discursive, auxiliary or instrumental, Phoenician, artificial, mathematical and scientific, spontaneous and provoked, analytical and synthetic, analogical and methodical”. He also talks about the “auxiliary intelligence, which has five tools”: Order: intelligence’s best friend; produces serenity, […]

Safer at home: COVID-19

Hi! This is crazy. Not long ago, being at home all day with the kids was unthinkable. Kids and adults alike had their own lives full of activities. Covid-19 has changed our lives and has made us come face to face with our priorities. Our kids are also seeing it: we’ve locked ourselves in our […]

You can correct them with love

Do you get frustrated when they misbehave? In these moments it is very difficult for us to maintain our composure and offer them the support they need. Part of raising children consists in teaching them, little by little, how they have to behave. They are going to need time to assimilate, practice, make mistakes, and […]